Breznica Castle

I belonged to several important figures of our history. I was owned by Matthew III Csák, John Jiskra and King Matthias Corvinus himself. From the second half of the 13th century, I guarded the inhabitants of the village of Tekovská Breznica and could see as far as the Hron Valley.


I am grateful for my creation to the Archbishop of Esztergom. Well, my glory was not eternal. The end of the Middle Ages was my end, too. Today I am left with only the remains of the walls of the castle core.


How was Breznica Castle conquered by Matthew III Csák?

And maybe that’s what the legend of Breznica Castle is connected to. It is said that when the enemy troops were capturing Breznica Castle, a handsome soldier, a spy, seduced a castle maid. He promised her a marriage for help in conquering the castle. With a vision of a free future, the girl agreed and did as the soldier told her to. To launch the attack, she lit a candle in a clearly visible place and hid well so that nothing would happen to her.


The attackers began to excavate under the castle. Suddenly there was a terrible noise and part of the wall collapsed. The castellan, his family and retinue escaped through an underground passage. The attackers defeated the castle garrison and became lords of the castle.


The handsome soldier quickly found the beautiful girl. When he was leaving, he took the girl with him as he promised. However, the act did not go unpunished. A quarrel broke out between them, in which the soldier became so angry that he killed the girl. Perhaps that is why it is not recommended to visit this place after dark today, as the cursed girl is allegedly haunting here. Is she the traitor herself?

How do you get there?

To get to Breznica Castle, take the green tourist sign from the centre of Tekovská Breznica. At the end of the meadow where a forest starts, turn left, from where you will be led to the castle by educational wooden boards with pearls of wisdom of the old fathers. The journey there takes about one hour.


Breznica Castle