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Central Slovakia

The story of Martin Hiadlovský, cheese maker

Little Martin knew exactly what he would be when he grew up – a farmer, of course, like his father. From the family farm in Slovenská Ľupča with the cows which gave quality, high-fat milk, his journey led to farmers’ markets, exhibitions and fairs. In Slovakia and abroad, their ripening Hiadlovec cheeses won praise, but in their home region, where this method of cheese production was still a novelty, not many people knew about them. After 10 years, it was time for Martin to focus on the development of the region. Today, his community projects raise awareness of quality cheeses and provide people with gastronomic experiences.

Discover the subregion

Central Slovakia

The story of Lily Wilhelmer, lacemaker

In a picturesque village in the middle of the mountains, someone once cut out the first sticks which were able to create beautiful decorations. The men of the village of Špania Dolina became hardened by a shovel in the mines and the women, in addition to working around the house, found time also for fine art. The miraculous sticks as well as the lace-making skills were passed from mothers to daughters and granddaughters over the years. Lila also discovered these intriguing tools at her mother´s. Thus her life was firmly connected with her native village and the lace-making tradition. However, so that the tradition did not perish and the sticks kept moving, Lila introduced young people to the secrets of the production of Špania Dolina lace.

The Central Slovakia Subregion

Central Slovakia, which is in the middle / in the heart of everything – Slovakia, Europe and between the mountains and valleys – it is not just a territory, it is a matter of the heart.


Once upon a time, in Central Slovakia, the history was being made. The past of this land was interwoven with its castles and chateaux, uprisings and revolts as well as its precious ores. However, the heart of Slovakia, which was fast pounding and sounding the alarm, can also calm down. Healing springs, spas and mineral waters give this region strength and thanks to the mountains, a tired person will come to life here again. Central Slovakia has places that are like hearts from which blood flows throughout the body. From the east or the west, it is simply quite close to get here, and for many of us it still is and it will always be a matter of the heart.

TOP 8 of The Central Slovakia Subregion

You will experience and discover skiing, monuments, culture, mountains, caves and much more in the heart of Slovakia.

1. PARK SNOW Donovaly

In Donovaly, it is easy to cross not only from one national park to another, but also across the border that separated us from childhood, games and entertainment. On the slopes, cross-country trails, hiking and biking trails, you can easily fly into the world of active recreation. And you don’t have to be a paraglider, the adventure awaits him on the bobsled track or in the rope center. Especially children can go trampolines and make the first ski curves in the Funpark – the largest ski lesson in Central Europe. In addition, a number of attractions and events are prepared for them all year round, e.g. in the fairy-tale village of Habakkuk, the children’s town of Donovalkovo, or Myšiačikov’s water world.

2. Špania dolina

A lot of water has already flowed from Prašiva Mt. through the oldest and longest mining water supply system in Slovakia to the mines of the Thurzo-Fugger company near Španá Dolina. The significance of this mountain village is illustrated by the mining nature trail, the exposition in the former clapperboard and the Copper Museum, which was mined here in the past and which reached the ship of the discoverer of America. To this day, the well-known Špania dolina lace is also created here. The romantic environment with monuments of folk architecture, the panorama with an inseparable early Gothic church invites to walks and discover the history of this important locality.

3. Banská Bystrica

Medená Banská Bystrica patrila vďaka nerastnému bohatstvu k trojlístku najvýznamnejších stredoslovenských banských miest. Najväčší rozmach zaznamenalo tunajšie baníctvo v 15.-16. stor. za pôsobenia Thurzovsko-fuggerovskej spoločnosti, svojho času jedného z najväčších producentov medi na svete.

Do slávnej minulosti návštevníka ľahko prenesie centrum s barbakanom, kostolmi, radnicou, baštami a zvyškami mestského opevnenia. Dominuje mu hlavné námestie lemované vzácnymi historickými budovami. Táto časť pulzuje životom predovšetkým počas letných dní, je miestom stretnutí a dejiskom podujatí, ktoré spájajú celé mesto.

4. The Museum of the Slovak National Uprising (Múzeum SNP)

In the centre of the Slovak National Uprising, in Banská Bystrica, an architecturally unique building was built in 1969, which still serves as a Memorial and Museum of the Slovak National Uprising. The building is symbolically divided into two parts and connected by a bridge. Under the bridge, in the Hall of Remembrance with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier burns an eternal flame. The exhibition maps the development of Slovak society in the war years 1938 – 1945. In front of the museum there is an open-air museum of heavy combat equipment and an aircraft that provided the supplies to partisans using the rebellious Tri Duby airport in Sliač.

5. Pustý hrad Castle

The decline of the old castle above Zvolen, which was once one of the largest in Slovakia and Central Europe, was started by the construction of a new royal residence in the city. After a fire in the 15th century, during the conquest by Ján Huňady’s troops, the castle began to fulfill the meaning of its name, by which we know it today. However, thanks to archaeological research, the desolate castle gradually emerges from the crumbs and forest and reveals its ancient secrets and treasures. They have preserved e.g. evidence of the settlement of this place already in the Bronze Age, or the remains of a residential tower with a square floor plan (donjon) – one of the largest medieval residential buildings in Central Europe. The preserved complex of ruins is open to tourists and for beautiful views of the Zvolen basin and the surrounding mountains.

6. Slovenská Ľupča Castle

The preserved castle lies in Pohronie area. It has been continually inhabited since the Middle Ages and thus remained in good condition. The castle complex consists of two castles. The older upper castle was built in the 13th century and the newer lower castle as late as the Renaissance period, i.e. in the 16th century. The castle has had several owners. Every century of its life changed its character. It survived the time of kings, resisting riots and uprisings. The castle has a rich exhibition which attracts crowds of visitors every year. Be sure not to miss Gizela´s Hall and Hunting Lounge.

7. Wooden articular church of Hronsek

It was like a fairy tale – an almost impossible task. During the strong Catholicization, the Evangelicals were allowed to build their own churches, but they were not allowed to have a single metal part, they had to be built without a tower and completed within a year. Thus, eight wooden churches of the Carpathian Arch were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. One of them is also located in central Slovakia in the village of Hronsek near Banská Bystrica. The poet Andrej Sládkovič and his chosen Júlia Sekovičová also sealed their marriage vows in it.

8. Dark sky park in Veľká Fatra

If you want to enjoy the starry sky, visit the Dark Sky Park in Veľká Fatra after sunset. Here, protected from light smog, you will discover stars that usually avoid the human eye. It is a punishment for not respecting the natural law of darkness, but the ridge of Veľká Fatra is subordinated to it again. The reward for all light-minded astrotours is then a wonderful stellar performance.

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