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The story of Marian Čupka, scriptwriter

As a child born under Kráľova hoľa mountain, Marian Čupka absorbed folklore together with breast milk. The melodies and lyrics of the songs reflecting life in the middle of rough but beautiful nature penetrated his being and shaped him, just like his mother’s upbringing for modesty, or caressing of his father’s hard palm. Just as singing gets louder with more voices, so are the local people stronger in their mutual help and unity. Everything, that the life teaches them, is reflected in the art that travels in time and space, is given and received. That is why Marian Čupka always returned wiser and richer from his trips to explore and study songs and dances.

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The story of Aleš Bílek, train driver

Aleš Bílek comes from the Czech Republic. He came to Slovakia as a secondary school student to help save Čierny Hron Railway. The unique narrow-gauge forest railway was threatened by a plan for scrapping, which enthusiasts from the village of Čierny Balog tried to stop with summer activities and camps. Later, together with his friends, they intensified their struggle to preserve a rare relic through the activities of the Tree of Life organisation. Thanks to this, the railway could run again on narrow tracks after years. And Aleš Bílek, as its director, now oversees it so that one of the seven wonders of the Banská Bystrica Region did not suffer the same fate as the six world ones.

The Horehronie Subregion

Beyond the mountains, beyond the valleys, between forests and caves, Horehronie lies hidden under the Tatra Mountains. It is fragrant with wood, flowers, herbs and game. The sounds of sheep’s bells and whistles make the River Hron itself flow. It breathes in fresh air from a thousand trees for the first time here. The Hron runs here in impressive loops which skiers copy on the slopes. And when rest is needed after hours of physical activity in the mountains, shepherd´s huts, cottages and large hotels offer the right space for that.

TOP 6 of the HOREHRONIE subregion

Beautiful nature, forests, hiking or biking, technical monuments and the beauty of the underground. You will enjoy everything in the Horehronie subregion.

1. Low Tatras – Chopok, Ďumbier, ski resort Jasná Low Tatras

Who is looking for mountains, stay in beautiful nature, is in Horehronie in the right place. Especially in the Low Tatras National Park, in our largest mountain range, numerous footpaths await the imprint of hiking boots and the long snow-covered slopes await skiing and snowboarding. A delicacy with beautiful panoramas on both sides is the ridge from Kráľova hoľa Mt. to Donovaly – one of the most beautiful sections of the SNP Heroes’ Road, the most important tourist highway in Slovakia. The cable cars will help the small and weak legs to climb the hills, and for the powerful they will climb – at any time of the year or day. In the sun, in the wind, in the fog, accompanied by chamois, with a view of the stars and the shining cities below.

2. Summer in the sign of trains – Čiernohronská Railway to the Forest Open-Air Museum

Horehronie and its close connection with three national parks can be admired in the summer from the wagons of historic trains. Driving through the picturesque surroundings is an experience. Haven’t you passed the unique Telgárt loop yet, haven’t seen the Chmarošský viaduct and the train of your adventures still lacks a train ride directly through the football stadium? It’s time to change that. A 70-year-old car will be waiting for you in Brezno to take you along the river to its source below Kráľová hoľa Mt. and from there to Slovenský raj Each of the stops has its own appeal, but it can also be a starting point for further adventures on your own or by bike.

3. Rafting on the river Hron and by e-bike to the highest cycle point in Slovakia on Kráľova hoľa Mt.

You don’t have to be a trained or experienced paddler to go rafting on the Hron River, our second largest river. Its flow is mostly calm, locally faster but without major obstacles, so there is enough space to enjoy the surrounding nature. Along the river there are pleasant nooks for camping, swimming, sunbathing or fishing. Thanks to a joint trip on the water, you will strengthen relationships in the family, class, party or in the company team. If you are attracted by two bicycle wheels more than a water element, go to the ebike rental. They will recommend interesting routes, provide support for a guide or a cycle bus. Do not forget that the highest cycle point in Slovakia is right on Horehronie, specifically on Kráľova hola. In summer, don’t miss the bike park at the Mýto Ski and Fun Center, where the wheels spin for the first time.

4. Salaš Zbojská (cottage)

At the Zbojská cottage in the undisturbed environment of the Muránska planina National Park, you will find a peaceful shelter from the stresses of the modern world. You can not only enjoy traditional delicacies, but also try their production during your stay, or take care of sheep and other animals directly. The area can be traversed on foot, on horseback or by a Zbojnícka strela (sightseeing car). Follow in the footsteps of the bandit Jakub Surovec in Čertová dolina, where bandit treasures are still hidden in caves.

5. Bystrianska Cave

The largest cave on the southern side of the Low Tatras is located in the Bystriansky Karst. The tour circuit attracts attention with its beautiful karst decoration and abysses with a depth of 20 meters. The tour lasts 45 minutes, has a length of 580 metres and is also suitable for immobile visitors. Bystrianska Cave has been helping people since time immemorial. During World War II, the inhabitants of the village of Bystrá, which was occupied by the Germans, found refuge here. Today, in one of the cave parts, in the so-called Lower Partisan Hall, patients with respiratory disorders are treated.

6. Golf Tále

When visiting the Low Tatras National Park, you can also pack your golf equipment in your luggage. Hit the ball on the first 18-hole championship golf course in Slovakia, Gray Bear in Tále, where the most prestigious golf tournaments in Slovakia have already taken place. On the 9-hole Little Bear course, you can try a unique way of playing in both directions in Slovakia. The course is great for training experienced golfers as well as young golfers and also offers night training.

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