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The story of Jozef Kučera, farmer

The striking landscape of Podpoľanie mountain homesteads, where the young farmer Jozef Kučera comes from, is proud of its beauty and has no intention to change. However, in order to avoid any such change, the help of local people is needed, because without cultivating its terraced fields it would lose its charm. Jozef is happy to enter its service; he is interested in traditional architecture, crafts, culture and especially in old work methods. He is always very pleased when he inspires others to take similar steps. After all, finding meaning in what we do is worth any hard work.

The Podpoľanie Subregion

Once upon a time, under the extinct volcano, time stopped, or better said, it stiffened like a solidified lava flow. You can also stop (here). Under the Poľana mountain range, only rocks, popular places of climbers, are perhaps inanimate, but everything else, and especially the traditional, pulsates with life here. This is evidenced by the unchanging distinctive way of life. Heavy as a cross, but at the same time beautiful when standing carved and painted on your way. Mountain culture, people in typical national costumes, the musical instrument “fujara” and a tool “valaška”, they all come from this region and have become an integral part of the world-famous image of Slovakia.

TOP 5 of the PODPOĽANIE subregion

Discover an inimitable landscape from under a volcano full of life, beautiful nature, castles, chateaux and other architectural gems. An inseparable part of Podpoľanie is also an unmistakable folklore and tradition.

1. Bystrô Waterfall

The largest waterfall in the vulcanites of the Western Tatras with a length of 23 metres is located in the Poľana mountain range. The locals consider it a jewel and ranked it in the first place of the seven wonders of Poľana. A 2.5 km long educational trail will accompany you on the way to the waterfall. There is a ladder next to the waterfall which you can climb to the top of the rock. There are several benches – an ideal place for relaxation. The journey continues to pasture lands of Javorinka or to the Poľana.

2. Kaľamárka

The most popular natural climbing rocks are located less than 2 km from the town of Detva. Historical finds have confirmed that prehistoric people climbed this rugged rock in the middle of Podpoľanie nature. In its vicinity there is a prehistoric fortified settlement with a well-preserved water reservoir. Climbers call Kaľamárka an andesite bastion of sport climbing. The huge rock formation consists of two climbing sectors – Upper Rocks and Lower Rocks which are almost 20 m high and have been re-fixed by new bolts. If you reach the top you will be rewarded with a unique view of the Detva Basin.

3. The Podpoľanie Museum (Podpolianske múzeum)

The history of Podpoľanie area can be found at one place, in the historical town centre of Old Detva. In the museum there are permanent exhibitions called Sheep, My Sheep, Wallachian Culture in Podpoľanie, Detva in the Context of the Vígľaš Estate and From Detva to the Sea. An exhibition of agrarian culture and wooden carved crosses, which are very typical for this region, is open in the courtyard of the Podpoľanie Museum. The museum keeps up with the times and in addition to the traditional exhibits it has also prepared interactive activities for its visitors.

4. Hriňová Mountain Homesteads (Hriňovské lazy)

A Slovak curiosity, quite rare in Europe, lies around the town of Hriňová. The local mountain homesteads, called “lazy”, became famous for their terraced fields. They were created by the gradual division of fields when siblings inherited them, divided them and marked the boundaries of their land with stones. A unique and still living history can be felt on every bit of this fertile land. The original folk architecture creates an indescribable atmosphere of local life. Stop and look around. The landscape around you is picturesque. The nature at the mountain homesteads is peaceful and shines in all different colours.

5. Javorinka

The mountain pasture land covers the territory of the Poľana mountain range. The location is registered in the important international system NATURA 2000. This exceptional area will enchant you with panoramic views of the country. Javorinka is rich in natural and cultural elements. Along the way, you will come across high rock formations of volcanic origin, primeval forests and a number of protected flora and fauna. A strong shepherd´s tradition is present everywhere. The route leads past stone wells, original huts and chalets where shepherds of cattle and sheep grazed their herds in the past.

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