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Whether you fancy a spot of cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, ice skating, or just a wander through the winter wonderland… From seasoned athletes to absolute beginners, there’s plenty of choice for everyone…


Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in the land “beyond the mountains, beyond the valleys”.


Join us in discovering how you can enjoy your action-packed winter in the Banská Bystrica Region and what new experiences it has to offer.

Donovaly zima



Spectacular scenery, snow-covered hills, modern ski resorts and well-groomed ski slopes are an inviting choice for all skiers and non-skiers to enjoy an amazing action-packed winter skiing holiday “beyond the mountains, beyond the valleys” in the Banská Bystrica Region.


Horehronie is perfect for a ski experience that is second to none. It is home to Jasná Nízke Tatry, the biggest ski resort in Slovakia, offering outstanding conditions for winter sports and endless opportunities to have fun on both sides of Chopok Mountain. Skiers of all abilities will also enjoy themselves on the slopes at Ski Tále, Mýto Ski & Bike Centre in Mýto pod Ďumbierom, Ski Čierny Balog, SKI ČERTOVICA and Ski Telgárt.


Skiing enthusiasts who visit Central Slovakia are sure to take their pick of the classic resorts here – Park SNOW Donovaly, Skalka Arena, Šachtičky Ski Resort or SKI Králiky. Those who prefer a smaller-scale and more serene skiing getaway will enjoy Selce Čachovo and Podkonice – Pleše.

Even in Podpoľanie you’ll get the chance to ski. If it’s a guarantee of laid-back family-friendly skiing you’re looking for, then you’re sure to enjoy Látky – Prašivá (Hotel Zerrenpach), Látky Kočanda and SKI Kokava Línia. The ideal resort for novice skiers is Ski Dubravy near Banská Štiavnica. Not far from here is one of the southernmost resorts in Slovakia – Ski Salamandra, which is gradually building up a fanbase of skiers from far and wide.


Then there’s Gron, where skiers get to indulge in traditional winter fun on the slopes of SKI Drozdovo, a compact resort at the foot of the Pohronský Inovec mountain range. Gemer, too, offers you the chance to enjoy some winter downhill skiing. Július Vyšná Slaná is a recreational centre that really lives up to the idea of a great skiing holiday, so it’s well worth grabbing your skis and heading there. Bear in mind that conditions and weather are prone to change, so please check updates on ski resorts’ operations and services in advance.


Enjoy the charm of meticulously groomed slopes, the magic of powdery snow, and the entertainment on offer below the slopes at your favourite ski resort in the Banská Bystrica Region.


For more detailed information on the various ski resorts, please refer to the HITTING THE SLOPES section.

Cross-country skiing


Join the eager cross-country skiers you’ll meet in droves on the well-maintained cross-country trails “beyond the mountains, behind the valleys” in the Banská Bystrica Region. Because if it’s an action-packed winter you’re after, cross-country skiing is the perfect adventure, so rise to the enticing challenge of “hit the cross-country trails”. Anyone can go cross-country skiing, no matter how old they are. The only thing that can hold you back when cross-country skiing (aside from poorly waxed skis) is a lack of natural snow. So come and enjoy the trails while they last.


Let’s start in Horehronie, a part of the country that welcomes cross-country skiers with well-groomed trails at the Ski Tále and Ski Telgárt resorts, Pohanské and, of course, Čertovica. You’ll also find cross-country routes beneath Kráľova hoľa and at Lom nad Rimavicou, Čierny Balog and Horná Lehota. Of course, there’s always the NBC Osrblie resort, offering superb conditions for avid cross-country skiers.


For cross-country skiers, Central Slovakia is a paradise courtesy of one of the largest complexes of maintained cross-country trails in Slovakia – Skalka pri Kremnici. You can admire the charm of the countryside around you as you make the most of the excellent cross-country conditions in the vicinity of the villages of Králiky and Kordíky, at the Podkonice – Pleše complex, and between the Donovaly and Šachtičky resorts. When you’re at the Aqualand beach bathing resort in Banská Bystrica, you can practically step out of your hotel slippers and straight onto your cross-country skis.

In Podpoľanie, too, you can go and explore the trails. The Látky – Mláky cross-country ski centre is a popular resort nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Podpoľanie countryside. Ten kilometres of superbly groomed trails will guide you through the Zerrenpach – Látky resort and across Býkovo Peak. The Štiavnica Mountains down Banská Štiavnica way will challenge the skills of many a cross-country skier as they tackle the trail between Červená studňa and the Salamandra Resort’s ski run, which the locals often groom all the way to Richňava Lake. Cross-country skiing opportunities near Ski Drozdovo in the Gron region largely depend on the natural snow conditions. The trails are not maintained here, but if you keep to the hiking path from Drozdovo to Veľký Inovec, you’re bound to enjoy a delightful cross-country skiing experience.


For more than 60 tips on how to find the perfect trail for your cross-country skiing trip, check out the HIT THE CROSS-COUNTRY TRAILS section.



Ski mountaineering is an exciting pursuit that will immerse you in a world of adrenaline, ski touring and fresh powdery snow. There are at least nine local places where you can come across ski mountaineering enthusiasts just like you.


Horehronie and Central Slovakia are top of the list for skimo opportunities:
CHOPOK JUH ski mountaineering resort – running beneath the mountain range boundary from Dereše Peak to Štefánik Chalet. The southern exposure is bounded in the west by the line of the Dereše – Oblaz ridge, and in the east by Trangoška Valley. Includes the skimo corridor around Štefánik Chalet – popularly known as the Chalet under Ďumbier (Kozie Chrbty and the end of the Zelenská Mlynná path). KRÁĽOVÁ HOĽA ski mountaineering complex – bounded on the north and east by the road from Šumiac to Kráľova hoľa and red hiking trail 0801 (Telgárt – Kráľová hoľa), and on the west by the line of the saddle between Kráľová hoľa and Stredná hoľa – Vyšné Rovienky ridge.


Ski mountaineering equipment can be rented from SKI Šport Bystrá (, Activeplanet Skialp Point
Mýto pod Ďumbierom, at Motorest Čertovica, and at the Mountain Chalet below Kráľová hoľa.


Krížna – the start points are either Turecká (Salašky) or Staré Hory – Rybô (marked as Rybie on maps), descent along the former ski lift. Donovaly – there are three marked trails, two of them can be accessed directly from the village, the third trail passes through Žarnovka Valley. All routes lead to Zvolen Peak, from where you descend directly to the village or continue to the maintained Nová Hoľa ski slope.


Skimo equipment can be rented directly from DAMI SPORT in Donovaly.

Unofficial trails:
– directly from the Sásová housing estate (Banská Bystrica), along the blue hiking trail to Pánsky Diel with a descent to Šachtičky;
– from the Hotel Fuggerov Dvor to Selčiansky Diel and back;
– at the Podkonice Pleše ski resort.


Ski mountaineering equipment can be rented in Banská Bystrica – ACTIVE PLANET OUTDOOR CENTRUMSKI NIŇAJ or 3 Mountain Sport.


Banská Štiavnica is not that good for skimo, as you can only experience the view of the snow-covered mountains from a different perspective outside opening hours at the Salamandra Resort. There are no official routes in the Gron region, but hardcore ski mountaineers go to Vtáčnik Peak (for a longer and more challenging route) and to Veľký Inovec (the marked route is not difficult). The trail leads past the Drozdovo ski resort, where you can stop for a breather. Similarly, if you take the Veľký Inovec route, you’ll find a cabin with refreshments below the peak.


Whether you want easy terrain for your ski mountaineering, an adrenaline rush higher up in the mountains, or a freeriding descent on powder snow, you’ll feel the chilling energy of an action-packed winter in the region “beyond the mountains, beyond the valleys”.

Snowshoe hikes


Explore the snowy landscape with ease by slipping on some snowshoes and feel the frosty energy of winter in the Banská Bystrica Region – our land “beyond the mountains, beyond the valleys”.


One place you’ll find excellent conditions for winter snowshoeing is Central Slovakia. Snowy white plains and mountain peaks will be within your reach if you snowshoe your way to Nová hoľa (Zvolen Peak), Kozí Chrbát Peak, Krížna, Skalka, Krahule, around the village of Kordíky, to Pánsky diel and Majerova skala, or on the trail from Donovaly to Šachtičky.

If you don’t have your own snowshoes, you can hire them at selected rental shops. Bear in mind that conditions and weather are prone to change, so please check updates on the situation in the places you are headed for in advance.


In the Banská Bystrica Region you also have plenty of opportunities to become a true snow explorer.



Frolicking in the snow – tobogganing, snowballing and making snowmen. The freezing energy of an action-packed winter in the Banská Bystrica region, our land “beyond the mountains, behind the valleys”, is sure to draw you into playing in the snow as well. Let yourself go and have fun in the snow with your family. Popular ski resorts don’t lose sight of the fact that non-skiers also want to enjoy the pleasures of winter. They have areas where you can go tobogganing, bobsledding or take a ride on other snow “vehicles”.


The ski resorts in Horehronie – in Mýto pod Ďumbierom, Tály, Telgárt or Čierny Balog – have an area set aside for tobogganing (in most cases next to the children’s ski lift). You will also find a dedicated place for tobogganing and sledging at the ski resorts in Donovaly and Šachtičky, and at Skalka Arena in Central Slovakia. Families can also enjoy winter fun in the resorts of Králiky, Kordíky, Selce-Čachovo, and Podkonice-Pleše, or on the surrounding hills – Selčiansky diel, Urpín, and Suchý vrch.

Budiná, in the Novohrad region, is a popular destination for tobogganing and winter games. Látky-Prašivá (Hotel Zerrenpach), Látky-Hriňová and Kokava Línia in Podpoľanie are other resorts that offer plenty of family fun in the snow. Around Banská Štiavnica, you’ll hear peals of loud laughter, whoops of joy and constant chatter when conditions are perfect for tobogganing on the hills of the Červená studňa saddle and below the Banská Štiavnica Calvary.


In Gron, you can go tobogganing to your heart’s content at the Drozdovo ski resort. In Gemer, grab your sledge or toboggan and bring your high spirits to the Július Vyšná Slaná ski resort. Bear in mind that conditions and weather are prone to change, so please check updates on the situation and the facilities that are open at your chosen resorts and destinations in advance.


Enter a world of tobogganing, snowball fights and snowmen in the Banská Bystrica Region and enjoy an action-packed winter with your kids.

Adrenaline frenzy


Want even more adrenaline in the snow? You got it. An action-packed winter in the land “beyond the mountains, beyond the valleys” offers ample opportunity for those who are looking for a bigger adrenaline rush and like to give unconventional pursuits and winter attractions a go.


You can enjoy a relaxing winter ride on a sleigh pulled by magnificent dogs as you absorb the frosty energy of the mountains in Donovaly (Central Slovakia). You decide whether you want to go a few hundred yards round the block or take a ride lasting a couple of hours. All you need is enough snow on the whole trail and good weather.


You’re sure to feel a touch more adrenaline by taking a sightseeing ride on a snowmobile at the Salamandra Resort near Banská Štiavnica. On the groomed slopes of Riders Park in Donovaly, Central Slovakia, everyone who loves freestyle skiing, snowboarding or acrobatics can let themselves go wild and enjoy the thrill of an adrenaline rush. Courses with snow obstacles, some easier, others more difficult, are set up and maintained throughout the season so that you can experience that chilling combination of adrenaline, courage and fun out on the slopes.

Keen bikers don’t have to forgo mountain biking even in the winter. In Horehronie, a FAT BIKE with spikes will take you up the blanket of snow all the way to Kráľova hoľa, from where you can drink in spectacular views of the snow-covered landscape around you. Experience a new dimension of freedom on the snow and a healthy dose of adrenaline by going snowkiting. A company operating out of an establishment on Vojšín Peak near Malá Lehota in the Gron region offers courses that will introduce you to the world of this unconventional winter sport. Their name alone – HARAKIRI – speaks volumes. Bear in mind that conditions and weather are prone to change, so please check updates on the situation and the facilities that are run by your chosen provider of winter adrenalin pursuits.


Combine freezing energy with total adrenaline madness for an action-packed winter in the Banská Bystrica Region.

Ice climbing


Ice climbing is a very unusual winter activity that requires a healthy dose of courage and strength. Winter in the land “beyond the mountains, beyond the valleys” – the Banská Bystrica Region – is so action-packed that you can even see if you have what it takes to conquer an icefall.


Ideal conditions for an icefall can be found in Skalka pri Kremnici, Central Slovakia. This unique 20-metre-long winter attraction has “sprouted up” just a few yards from the car park and is open to the general public.

The power and beauty of a natural ice wall can be experienced in PodpoľanieMačinová Waterfall is a mighty large cliff formed from what was originally an andesite magma flow. The water flowing from numerous points here is transformed into a magnificent icefall in the winter. The result is an inimitable scene full of icicles and expanses of sheet ice. This remarkable natural phenomenon can be reached from the direction of Kalamárka.


With these winter attractions, it is extremely important to follow the safety instructions of the operators and respect the current weather conditions.


Scale a wall of ice and enjoy the adrenaline rush of ice climbing in the Banská Bystrica Region.



Untether yourself from the ground, soar to the skies and from there gaze at majestic snow-capped peaks and distant landscapes. Up there, you’ll feel the frosty energy of an action-packed winter “beyond the mountains, beyond the valleys” in the Banská Bystrica Region much more. Discover the world of paragliding and enjoy a burst of adrenaline, excitement and unforgettable bliss.


Experience freezing energy on a tandem flight in Donovaly, Central Slovakia, organised by selected companies, such as Marek Polešenský – Airsports Slovakia – www.paragliding-tandem.skPARAGLIDING JUST FLY and The weather conditions need to be right and the TELEMIX Nová hoľa cableway needs to be open in order for you to go paragliding.

You’ll find a different kind of frosty energy propelling you if you choose the “air chopper” – a tandem paragliding flight with a motor-powered parachute, which you can experience in Očová, Central Slovakia ( That sensation of flying effortlessly over the treetops is not something you’ll forget in a hurry. Bear in mind that conditions and weather are prone to change, so please check updates on operations and services in advance.


Let yourself be carried away by frosty energy and admire a bird’s eye view of the Banská Bystrica Region even during your action-packed winter.

Ice skating


Where can you feel like a figure skating champion? When should you take your skates with you on a winter walk? Where can you do laps on your skates or start a chase? Anytime, anywhere you can dance to the rhythm of the frosty energy of an action-packed winter in the Banská Bystrica Region, our land “beyond the mountains, beyond the valleys”.


In Horehronie, skaters can practise their moves at the Ski Čierny Balog resort, at the Aréna Brezno ice rink (restrictions may apply when sports clubs and organisations have booked the rink), at two housing estates in Brezno, and in Pohronská Polhora. In Central Slovakia, you can find dancing and daring skaters on Badín Pond, on the pond in Uhlisko (a district of Banská Bystrica), on the Donovaly and Selce ice rinks, and at Môťová Reservoir (Zvolen). The Banská Bystrica ice rink (“winter stadium”) and ICE ARENA in Zvolen are open to the public. Public skating is also available at Lučenec ice rink (in the Novohrad region) and Detva ice rink (in the Podpoľanie region) according to their official opening hours.

The Banská Štiavnica region is a sure bet if you want the rewarding experience of ice skating on frozen lakes – Klinger, Veľká Vodárenská, Červená studňa, Beliansky tajch, Vindšachta and Bakomi. There is also a municipal skating rink in Štefultov. Sports clubs are given priority at the ice rink in Žiar nad Hronom, but according to its current timetable it also has windows when the public are allowed in to skate. In Gron, you can take to naturally formed ice at Revištský Pond, the lake in Nová Baňa, the pond in Voznica and the oxbow lake of the Hron River in Žiar nad Hronom.


In Gemer, skaters are able to use the rinks in Rožňava and in Revúca under precisely defined conditions. There are also frozen surfaces and lakes where you can enjoy an action-packed winter on the ice: the lake in Betliar Park, the Miková Reservoir near the Flipper guesthouse in Revúcka Lehota, the ice rink at the 1. mája housing estate in Hnúšťa, the Vlachovo Ponds and the Kružná Ponds.


Many of these skating spots are unofficial, which means you enter at your own risk, so please be responsible and respect the current conditions. Bear in mind that conditions and weather are prone to change, so please check updates on the situation and the facilities that are open at your chosen venues in advance.


All this for you to dance your best dance with frosty energy in the Banská Bystrica Region.



Imagine a snowy plain, the thud of horses’ hooves piercing the silence of the landscape, and the chilling energy that enters your body with every breath you take. Trotting slowly, galloping briskly and gazing at the winter scenery from the back of a horse is a pleasant respite from an action-packed winter in the Banská Bystrica Region, the land “beyond the mountains, beyond the valleys”.


In Horehronie, the Slovak Hucul Club in Lom nad Rimavicou offers an enjoyable horseriding tour. Families with children will appreciate the leisurely ride organised by AJAX FARMA HOTELA PARTIZÁN. Trips on horseback and views of nature from a different perspective are also available at the Pony Farm Suchý vrch, at Lunterov Ranch Kráľová pri Zvolene, and at Agrobell Farm in Sliač, Central Slovakia. Donovaly, a popular winter sports resort, even offers horse-drawn sleigh rides. This winter attraction is available when the weather and snow conditions are suitable and is by appointment only.

Foto: Jazdecký klub Excel Madon Rimavské Brezovo

Horses also feature prominently at Masarykov dvor Resort in Podpoľanie. Visitors can pet and ride them. The hibernating Štiavnica Mountains will be your destination during a winter ride from Bôra Ranch in Podhorie, in the Banská Štiavnica region. If you decide to saddle up in Stredné Pohronie, visit the St Francis Equestrian Centre near the village of Horné Hámre.


You can also explore the winter landscape of Gemer on horseback. Here, you can ride horses from the Excel Madon Riding Club in Rimavské Brezovo, the Pod Planinou Riding Club in Muránska Huta, and the Pod Okrúhlou Skalou Riding Club in Tisovec. Bear in mind that conditions and weather are prone to change, so please check updates on operations and services offering winter horseriding in advance.


If you have yet to experience the thrill of winter horseriding, your action-packed winter in the Banská Bystrica Region is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Cold water immersion


A lifestyle? A way of boosting your immunity and health? A fad? There’s a lot of talk about people immersing themselves in icy water and wild swimming. The one thing you can be sure of is that you will feel the truly frosty energy of an action-packed winter in the Banská Bystrica Region, our land “beyond the mountains, admittedly valleys”. Cold water enthusiasts (“ice bears”) claim that icy immersion and winter swimming is a triumph over pampering and laziness. You can immerse yourself in icy bliss in Horehronie, Central Slovakia, Podpoľanie, Banská Štiavnica, Gron and Gemer.


In Horehronie they will gladly take you under their wing at Huganske Ice Bears.


In Central Slovakia, you can take a plunge into icy water in a responsible way and according to the rules of cold water immersion in the company of Slovak Ice Bears Banská Bystrica – Zvolen. They usually congregate at Motyčky, near Donovaly.


You can also meet hardy plungers and winter swimmers at unofficial places in the countryside: the lake (snowmaking reservoir) near the Šachtičky ski resort, Turecká Salašky, and by Čierna Ovca Restaurant (the car park is at Harmanec Cave).

In Podpoľanie, you and other cold water enthusiasts can bathe in 2-4 °C water at Hriňová Bathing Resort every Wednesday and Sunday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in return for making a voluntary donation.


In Banská Štiavnica, you can join the Štiavnica Lizards or the Žiar Ice Bears. You can find them regularly (twice a week) testing the temperature at the following lakes: Klinger, Veľká Vodárenská, Dolnohodrušský tajch, Veľké Studenské jezero (known locally as Kolpachy) and Počúvadlo. They welcome beginners.


In Nová Baňa, cold water enthusiasts belong to the Nová Baňa Ice Bears Association. At 2 p.m. every Sunday you can catch them at the lake in Nová Baňa, led by Juraj Kološta. At 9 a.m. every Sunday, you can immerse yourself in icy bliss with the plucky members of the Pohronie Ice Bears at Bejvoč Pond near the village of Lovčica Trubín.


Several places in Gemer are frequented by winter swimmers: Gombasek Cave (unofficially), Bobačka Waterfall (Hutník Waterfall – a 3 m high waterfall behind the bus stop in Muránska Huta), Miková Reservoir near the Flipper guesthouse in Revúcka Lehota, and the pond in the park of Betliar Manor. In this region, winter swimming and cold water immersion outdoors is practised by the Sobotská Ice BearsTisovec Icicles and Revúca Snowflakes. If you feel like plunging into the cold waters of Gemer with them, check the times and places of their next meeting.


However daring you might be about diving into icy water, please exercise caution and be responsible. Do plenty of research beforehand, and don’t forget to do some preparatory training before you actually go swimming in the outdoors this winter. Any experienced cold water enthusiast will confirm this.


Some say: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr; the hardy say: Wow. Which group do you belong to? One thing’s for certain: bathing in icy water is all part and parcel of an action-packed winter in the Banská Bystrica Region.


To the Banská Bystrica region, winter has arrived. So why sit at home. Hooray for skiing, cross-country skiing or sledding! Sport, entertainment, but also the longed-for relaxation will help you gain new strength in today's hectic world.


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